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The premises of Limpid Works were designed by an architectMarc Maio. The total area is 430 m2, divided into two floors. The studio facilities include a reception desk, two cloakrooms with lockers, toilets and showers with underfloor heating. The entire area has wheelchair access.
The space consists of two larger a  one smaller studio and a multifunctional studio. Both larger studios are equipped with Boflex oak floors, which are specially designed for dance and movement activities. They have specific lighting and a professional sound system. Between the first floor study is a relaxation area with books, cushions and a soft rug.The entire space is equipped with air conditioning and central heating.
In when regular courses, workshops and events are not taking place, all studios are available for regular or one-off rental. It is possible to rent individual studios separately or the entire space. We will be happy to prepare an individual rental offer according to your needs. Please contact Vera at email for more information. Or come and see the space in person.


This studio with an area of 88m2 and a large mirror is located on the ground floor just behind the dressing rooms and toilets. There is a fully equipped sound system with professional JBL speakers with a 6-channel mixer and a professional projector and piano. It also includes a kitchenette with water and equipment for making tea and coffee.
The windows in the studio face the garden in the inner block.

STUDIO 2,  110 m 2

Access to this first floor studio is via a staircase from the reception area. The size of the studio is 110m2. There is a piano and a professional sound system with JBL speakers and a 6-channel mixing console. The windows face the garden in the inner block and there is access to the terrace from the studio. There is also a kitchenette with water and tea and coffee making facilities.

STUDIO 3,  30 m 2

This studio is located on the second floor directly opposite Studio 2, accessible from the relaxation area. There is a covered shower. All windows face the garden on the terrace. With an area of 30 m2, this studio is suitable for individual lessons and consultations.

Studio, 38 m 2

This is a beautiful and bright room with an area of 38 m2. Located in the quiet back of the studio. It is designed as a multifunctional studio for visual arts, creative work meetings, writing and music meetings. This space can be empty or furnished with chairs and large drawing and/or writing tables. The floors are oak. Windows to the garden in the courtyard provide plenty of sunlight all day long.

Common spaces

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