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What is Limpid Works?

A short history of Us


Limpid Works is a Centre for Somatic Dialogue(s) today. However it has taken us many years and collaborations to go through various experiences in order to finally make space for what now truly resonates with us. We're extremely happy to work as a team, whom you'll meet in person or via email when you visit us regularly.  


We work here on a daily basis: you can find private sessions as well as group works in forms of workshops and events. Most of our activities are for anyone who wishes to experience their body and mind in a very personal and intimate way, do regular body and dance work, and even just to hang around and benefit from our little private library. Gigi and Fifi are here to provide you with extra care and affection.


And WE lovingly do our best to make your experience at Limpid Works a very special one.


Here we are (in alphabetic order as hierarchy doesn’t have a place in our space):


Berrak, Fifi, Gigi, Günes, Kateřina, Martin, Věrka

Who are we?


Berrak Yedek

Founder & Artistic Director

Berrak Yedek is the founder of Limpid Works and Somatic Dialogue method (Somatik Diyalog®). Having gone through a long experience in dance she worked as a performer, choreographer and dance teacher. For many years she has been dedicating herself to this method in private sessions as well as group workshops.

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Quality Control Manager


Fifi supervises staff and ensures high quality standards of the services provided. If she thinks it is necessary, she can also randomly check employees or visitors in the studio.

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Gigi is an experienced mindfulness teacher and volunteer therapist. Before or after your lessons, she is ready to offer you warmth, comfort, support and endless cuddles.


Günes Coban

Project Manager

Güneş organizes and arranges the regular classes, events, trainings, workshops and manages our web page. She helps with giving the overall shape and feel to Limpid Works in the Prague art scene. She'd be happy to answer all questions you might have about Limpid Works.
For more information about Güneş Çoban
For more information about her project Anatolian Design


Kateřina Ledvinková

Somatic Teacher

Katerina offers private somatic lessons called Somatic Healing. She is an instructor at the Somatic Dialogue Facilitators Program. Katerina is happy to contribute her share to the atmosphere of Limpid Works.
For more information about Somatic Healing


Martin Ledvinka

Free-Play Facilitator 

Calm and safe spirit of the studio helps Martin a lot in his work with children and families. His program Healing Game is designed to cultivate children’s potential and to support their self-esteem through spontaneous play; for adults it offers a way to explore their own playfulness and its limits

For more information about Healing Game

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Věra Veselá


Vera's been with us from the beginning, taking care of all administration. She will be the one who will send you your invoices.

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