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private lesson
with Berrak Yedek
With Berrak you can prepare your customized plan for going through a deep experience of somatic dialogue. The aim is to improve your movement skills, to discover and connect with your body, and the bodily sensations as well as the emotional memory. Through regular practices you can develop your body awareness, your perception skills and learn how to move in an efficient and authentic way. It can help to improve your coordination, improve your posture, muscle strength and make you more grounded and give you a sense of physical and mental freedom.
private lesson
with Kateřina Ledvinková
Let us develop the ability to be present in our body, because the body is wise. Let's learn to be with our own selves through movement. In a series of guided movement improvisations, we give space to the body. We open our eyes and mind to gain a better understanding of what is going on naturally. To truly see oneself in movement can bring liberation on many levels.
Somatic Healing draws from various sources, but in the last few years I have been studying Somatic Dialogue with Berrak, and above all, I have experienced the method on myself. With gratitude and joy I identify with many principles of the method and use them in my work.
I focus intensively on supporting the relationship with the floor, ie floor work. I patiently look for the moment when the client begins to open up to creativity and deep joy in movement. I am fascinated by women's topics and working with women during the process of conception, pregnancy and early motherhood. I like to enter into a real dialogue with my clients. We accompany each other in movement and in its reflection..
-   I feel disconnected to myself, how can this practice help me? 
This practice can help you, as it will first give you the trust in your physical abilities. Then it will help you to feel and find your centre, your spine and it will guide you to the inner space of your body and put your attention inside your body. With time you will be able to become aware of all muscular connections, as well as how the energy is generated through movement.
-   I am very shy, and I want to move but I feel blocked, how can I overcome this?
In these sessions there is no judgement, there is also no expectation of a performance, you don’t need to prove anything. This is a time for you, in which you have the freedom to discover yourself, and I will be there guiding you when you need, listen to you when you will want to speak, and other than that I will patiently motivate you through exercises to move and overcome your shyness.
-   Do I need previous dance experience?
No, you don’t, you just need to have the desire to move and do something with your body.
-   What do really do actually?
I make you dance and through our time together I make you find your freedom.  I accompany you beyond taboos, preconceived ideas and make you fly with your imagination.
-   What more to say?
Just try it.
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