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Waves From the Center

Waves from the centre:

Start lying on the floor, being in a relaxed and harmonious relationship with the floor and feeling the gravity working through your body. You should be warmed up doing this. Start with the idea of freeing your pelvis and chest and melt into your inner volume of your belly. Connect to your breathing and slowly feel the waves inside and consciously accompany them, by slowly amplifying the wavy movements inside your belly, letting it grow throughout your torso, and finally reaching into the whole body. Stay all the time in your inner volume, do not think about you as a body on the floor or in the space. But stay focused on all the inner movements you can feel. Let the waves go through your volumes and enjoy getting lost in your own waves. Remember that there is an ocean waiting to be liberated inside of us.

This improv exercise serves to connect to the feminine quality of our energy. The capacity to surrender to the power of gravity and yet be able to work with it in gentle movement. To find the melting quality of softness and gentleness, which lives in our body constantly and without any interruption. The feminine and gentle energy is the foundation to a way of healing, or getting better, within ourselves. It is the energy that will hold us and gently call us to heal when we do not feel well. And when we feel well it is the energy that will lead us to our sources.

It is our base.

Music: Concerto in G Minor, BWV 975 (after Vivaldi RV 316): 2. Largo, played by Anna Gourari


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