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Arms and Legs Standing

Arms and Legs Standing:

In this improv I invite you to explore how your periphery works around your centre. Simply in standing position have fun exploring the arms and legs, that move in the peripheral space, all the while keeping in mind that you are working around your centre. See how you manage transfer of weights, shifts of weight, sense of direction, sense of space and balance. Take care to focus on your sensations: in your ears, your head, your hips, how you relate to the floor, do you trust your legs? How are your stance? Are you grounded enough? And many more questions, for you to discover.

We had a lot of fun, especially Katerina, as her centre was a little busy with something else, and thus she really had to rely on her peripheral abilities.

Music: Ludovico Einaudi, Day 1_A sense of symmetry


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