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3 Centers_Video A

The Three Centres of the body:

Within these three volumes are sources of movement and energy. On a daily basis we need to get in contact with them, in order to develop our inner perception of these areas. What secrets are in them, how they function, and how they are influencing each other? Each one are connected to the spine, and when we work on them we work the spine and vice versa.

You may explore this improv either on the floor or in standing position. We advise you to do both. The two videos are just for inspiration, they do not serve as models, as every body is different and will have and should have a different way of movement. But finally when we go deep into the torso, all torsos are the same. Try to feel and explore as much as you can the possibilities of your head, chest and pelvis. And have fun with them innerly. Remember to always ask yourself what you feel when you are moving. And be generous with remarks, write them in your document.

The secret is in the practise of these exercises everyday, no matter how you feel. 10-20 minutes will be sufficient to make a change in your perception and sensation inside of yourself.

Music: Madrugada, by Antonio Zambujo


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