Dear friends near and far,
We hope that you are all well and already somehow adapted to the change of rhythm caused by the present situation. We have created for you possibilities to have online sessions from now onwards. 
You can book your online session with Berrak Yedek from 'Private Sessions page' above. If you have  further questions please write to us at
Keep well and safe, and don’t loose your appetite.



Photo: Adam Fuchs

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Never giving up hope, Always ready to start again, Ready to receive what emerges from her depths... ...a ritual in which she revives the secret poetry of her life...
Choreography: Berrak Yedek
Performance: Beliz Demircioğlu
Lighting Design & Photo: Jan Komárek
Costume Design: Ezgi Akpınarlı
Project Assistant: Başak Sıla Bengisu
Video: Jirka Jiracek