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My House Urla, Turkey

When a fairy tale touches the body

Somatic Dialogue, Tales and Creativity Workshop By Berrak Yedek and Nazlı Çevik Azazi

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When a fairy tale touches the body
When a fairy tale touches the body

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09. 11. 19:00 – 12. 11. 19:00

My House Urla, Turkey, Urla, İzmir, Turecko

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How does a fairy tale touch our body? Once touched by it, which doors mysteriously open up in our body? What is hidden behind these doors? Led by these questions we dreamt of a meeting where Somatic Dialogue, fairy tale narration and creativity studies danced us into our inner depths in the midst of beautiful nature. We look forward to introducing our dream to you.

What will we experience in this workshop?

First we will meet by traveling to each other's stories. With the power of the bonds and fairy tales we have established internally, we will travel to our childhood, our unconscious and the world of dreams.

Then Nazlı will tell us an ancient tale. As we listen to the tale, we will notice that the fairy tale touches, kisses and caresses us from the inside. With each touch, the waves of our inner ocean will awaken. In this place where the first movement was born, we will surrender ourselves to somatic dialogue, to the magic of the body and movement. Through Somatic Dialogue improvisations we will reach our poetic space inside and perceive the poetry surrounding us.There we will connect everything in us together. In the concrete physicality of our body we will follow our enchanted inner stories: nature will be our best playmate.

In the temple of the body, emotions, sensations, states, images, story pieces, the gifts of nature and everything that the fairy tale awakened, will be revealed. Internal and external dialogue, concrete and abstract, reality with imagination, movement with fairy tale will hold hands. Thanks to this unity, we will reach our creative resources, our inner depths and from there we will have the opportunity to recreate ourselves.

If you are ready for a new journey to a new experience with the possibilities offered by the simplicity of art, fairy tale, body, nature and physicality…here we are.

Workshop Facilitators: Berrak Yedek, Nazlı Çevik Azazi

Workshop language will be Turkish and English.

Venue: My House Urla (

Number of Participants: min.10, max.18 people

Fee: 250 Euros + VAT (10%), education and art supplies are included in the fee. Accommodation is paid separately. Travel expenses belong to the participant.

Date: 9-12 November 2023


• November 9, check-in at the hotel. Circle of meeting and conversation after dinner.

• 10-11 November; Workshop, at 10.00-13.00 and 15.00-18.00, conversation after dinner and fairy tale circle

• November 12; Workshop, 10.00-15.00, closing circle, farewell

Your Stay at Urla My House:

During your stay at My House breakfast, coffee break and dinner will be included. The chef’s carefully prepared menu  will be vegan-vegetarian and mainly with organic vegetables. We will share the room accommodation and details with you. You need to stay with us if you would like to participate in this workshop.

Please specify your room type, when you will make your payment for the workshop.

*Accommodation options vary as single, double or triple as shown in the table above. The price of the room you choose to stay is for one day. 

Please send us an email to register at

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