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Limpid works' space has been designed by an architectMarco Maioand covers a total of 430 m2 and has 2 floors. ​The facilities include a reception area, 2 dressing rooms with lockers, showers and toilets with floor heating. The entire area has barrier-free access.
There are two main studios, one smaller and a multifunctional atelier. Both main studios are equipped with Boflex oak floors that are specially created for dancing and movement. The studios have special lighting and a fully equipped professional sound system. Between the studios on the first floor is a chill-out area with books, cushions and soft carpet.
There is an office on the ground floor and a terrace on the first floor. The whole space is air-conditioned (if needed), and operates on a central heating system. All furniture in the space has been custom designed.
Besides the regular courses, workshops and events, all studios are available for rentals on a regular or irregular basis. It is possible to rent out all studios separately or rent the entire space. We will be happy to prepare a customized rental offer for your purposes. Please contact Vera for rentals and further information Or just come and visit us.


This studio is on the ground floor right after the dressing rooms and the toilets. Its size is 88m2. It has a mirror, as well as a kitchen corner with water and facilities to make tea and coffee. There is a fully equipped sound system with professional JBL speakers, a 6 channel mixing board and a professional projector and a piano. The windows are facing the courtyard gardens.

STUDIO 2,  110m 2

This studio is on the first floor. The access is from the reception area through the staircase. The size is 110 m2. The studio has a piano, as well as a professional sound system with JBL speakers and a 6-channel mixing board.
The windows are facing the courtyard gardens and there is also access to the terrace. There is also a kitchen corner with water and facilities to make tea and coffee.

STUDIO 3,  30 m 2

This studio is on the second floor right opposite Studio 2. The access is from the chill-out area. The size is 30m2, it has a hidden shower corner. All windows are facing the garden on the terrace. This studio is mainly used for one-to-one sessions, private lessons and consultations.

ATELIER,  38 m 2

This is a beautiful isolated quiet space of 38m2. It is designed as a multi-functional studio for visual arts, creative work meetings, writing and music sessions. the space can be empty as well as have a seating area with large drawing or writing tables which can be used for various purposes. The floors are oak and the windows look to the courtyard gardens, letting in a lot of sunlight during the day.

Common Areas

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