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Somatic Dialogue

Thursday 18:00 - 19:15

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Find within yourself the source of your own movements
Somatic Dialog (or somatic work) is a unique technique of very subtle practice that enables a better understanding of one's own body and one's own movement
apathy. He mainly uses the techniques and principles of dance improvisation. Through specific and clearly executed principles of touch, participants experience a deep connection with their own body. Through regular practice, a person can achieve a high level of body control, self-confidence, find a way to his authentic movements, learn to use energy effectively and enjoy his own imagination. 

- During the course, you usually work in pairs, but you do not stay with the same "partner" for the whole hour. 
- You don't have to be a dancer for these classes.
- The goal of the course is to find a deep connection with one's own movement, not necessarily in the form of dance.
- The goal is to find a way to the source from which all movement originates.
- One of the main goals is not the movements themselves, but to enrich your emotions and physical experiences thanks to correctly performed movements.
- Another developing quality is deepening the ability to listen to music and be guided by it. 

WHAT TO WEAR:Comfortable training clothes and socks. Clothing should be warm and layered so that it can be gradually removed during exercise. The work starts at a slow pace and ends with high energy. Please do not wear jewelry during exercise to avoid hurting yourself or others. 

REGULAR LESSONS IN THE SEASON 2018/2019:Thursday 18:00 - 19:30*
*** Classes will not take place on some dates due to work trips abroad. In that case, these dates will be listed here.
PRICE: One-time entry 300 CZK, Limpid Card package of 10 prepaid lessons 2500 CZK
REGISTRATION: If you want to come to a one-off lesson, just come without registration (payment on the spot only in cash).
If you are interested in purchasing a Limpid card package, please email 
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