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Oriental Feminine:

from tradition to contemporary

Thursdays 18:00 - 19:15

Learn how to love your belly
Do you want to find your own body harmony inmovement? Learn how to move more gracefully? Experience the oriental approach to womanhood?
"The technique that I am offering to the participants are principles of Turkish traditional belly dance, folklore as well as the whirling dervishes. All exercises result from long years' experience and experimentation in various traditional styles and combining it with contemporary movement techniques, in order to provide a healthy and efficientpractice. And the most important: to experience deep joyhedancing with your pelvis and learn to love your belly!"Berrak
This course is for ladies who seek to find their own body harmony in movement and experience the oriental approach to womanhood. The starting point of the movements are the pelvis and the belly and their various uses.
The lessons focus on movement principles in order to enrich the range of movement of each person, allowing her to gain flexibility in joints, stronger connection between body parts and the overall feeling of being more in control of muscular as well as joint driven movement. In the lessons we will work very intensively with music and rhythms, listening and interpreting the music, as well as finding the way to individual expression. The participants will also be given the opportunity to find their personal aesthetics of movement.
What to wear? Comfortable clothes for dancing, eventually a long wide shirt and a thin shawl, socks; please do not bring belly dance costumes with pearls and other sound producing accessories.
Regular lessons in 2018/2019: Thursdays 18:00 - 19:15*
**Due to Berrak's travel abroad and holiday season, some classes will be cancelled. The dates will be announced here.
PRICE: Single lessons 300 CZK, Limpid Card package of 10 pre-paid lessons 2500 CZK
REGISTRATION:If you want to try one lesson, just come without registration (payment only in cash).
For Limpid Card package purchase write to

Photos by Adam Fuchs.

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