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Somatic Dialogue Facilitators Program's current training began in September 2023. For more information about the upcoming training, please contact us at

This is an English-taught program.


Somatic Dialogue is a method of body-work, which helps people to feel more connected with themselves. It uses dance improvisation and hands-on technique as the main tools of work.  Through guided and precise improvisations and exercises the facilitator guides and accompanies the participant(s) into the complex and rich inner landscape of the self in its various manifestations: physical, dynamic, sensational, emotional, sensual, subtle and poetic. 

This program is designed for professionals in the field of body work, dance and theater pedagogy, movement/dance and art therapy, dance, theater, movement research, choreography, physiotherapy, psychotherapy,  pilates and yoga, or anyone who is professionally working in bodily transmission/education. This course also welcomes trained and certified coaches and consultants who are seeking for more creative and physical skills, in order to add new qualities to their coaching methods. 


After completing the required hours of the program, participants receive a Certificate of Facilitation.


If you are wishing to start your professional path, or develop your practice in Somatic Dialogue work, then this program provides you with all the solid training that you need.  The objective is also to provide complementary training in somatic and movement work for professionals who are already teachers, healers, therapists, actors, coaches or instructors. 


The program consists of 5 Modules, starting in September 2023 and ending in April 2025 with approx. 536 hours of tuition/workshops/consultations/individual practice/research…


For more information feel free to download our program brochure, or take an appointment  with Berrak Yedek,  who will be happy to explain the Program to you.


Berrak Yedek
Course Director - Instructor

Berrak Yedek is the founder of Limpid Works and Somatic Dialogue method (Somatik Diyalog®). Having gone through a long experience in dance she worked as a performer, choreographer and dance teacher. For many years she has been dedicating herself to this method in private sessions as well as group workshops.  In 2021 she created and directed the first Somatic Dialogue Facilitator Program in which she trained 13 new facilitators in the field. She is known for her intimate way of relating to clients and establishing long lasting work relationships. She loves accompanying creative processes and has been serving many artists as a mentor.


Some main fields of interest of work in Berrak’s history, besides her work as a dancer:

  • Dance teacher and creative consultant for Duncan Centre Conservatory Prague 2005-2010

  • Co-founder of Performing Arts Track at Istanbul Bilgi University, and lecturer of Creative Process and Composition, 2007-2018

  • Research and performance project about Ottoman Court Dances and the oriental expression in dance improvisation (Taksim Müşterek 2009-2010, Taksim Taksim 2012-2014, Mahrem Taksim 2014)

  • Solo creations in dance improvisation (Woman and her Waves 2015, Let me be 2018)

  • Creation of Limpid Works 2018, and collaboration with Giving Voice 2019-2022


Berrak was born in Istanbul in 1974, traveled through many countries, has a very personal connection to  languages, cultures and literature, loves cooking and music. She currently lives with her husband, daughter and their dog Gigi in Prague. 


Beliz Demircioglu

For Somatic Dialogue and Expressive Arts Facilitator, dancer Beliz Demircioglu movement has been a fuller vocabulary of expression since she was a child. Traditionally trained in ballet and modern dance, improvisation broadened and deepened her understanding of herself and the relational space with all others. During her BFA training of Dance at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, she had the honor to work with Andre Bernard on Ideokinesis which completely changed her perspective on movement and anatomy. 

Interested in a variety of artistic disciplines, she wanted to explore how coding, physical computing and live image processing could be explored to implement artistic and research works on embodiment. She received her MPS from the Interactive Telecommunications program of Tisch School of the Arts/ NYU. 

Through her artistic explorations and teaching experiences, she became interested in the therapeutic aspect of movement and the arts. She received her PhD in Expressive Arts Therapy program of the European Graduate School, Arts, Health and Society Division. 

Beliz has had the honor to work closely with Berrak as she was creating this practice. Even though she was a professional dancer, Somatic dialogue transformed (and still continues to transform) her embodied understanding of movement as well as her ability to hear herself sincerely. Now, she feels privileged to accompany others on their journeys. 

Apart from her one-to-one somatic dialogue and supervision classes, Beliz is teaching movement techniques, improvisation, performance and somatic studies, creative process, composition, and bodies & technologies classes at the Istanbul Bilgi University Performing Arts Department since 2008. She is also in the faculty of Expressive Arts Institute Istanbul. In the ‘Integrating Expressive Arts into professional Practice in Therapy, Education and Social Change Program.’ she teaches the embodied presence and bodywork course.

Beliz is an ISMETA registered somatic movement therapist and educator. Her book ‘Improvisation in the Expressive and Performing Arts’, has been published in EU and USA by Jessica Kingsley Publishers/ Hachette Publishing Group. 

She has a family together with her husband and two sons that teaches her on many levels. She is very honored and happy to work together with Berrak and Katerina in this training program.


Kateřina Ledvinková
Guest Instructor

As far as she can remember, dance and being in movement was a natural way to be. When growing older and especially during the university studies she kind of lost the connection with this source. When about to start her career in musicology, her body gave her an intense signal and she decided to look for the connection again. Leaning in her belief that the body is wise.

Since then Kateřina gained experiences in long-term trainings of Dance Movement Therapy, Physiotherapy of Function, and Laban movement analysis. Beside mentioned approaches, her other interest is somatic art deeply influenced by the teaching of performer Shahar Dor and recently butoh dancer Motoya Kondo.

When working with people with psychotic disorder, developmental challenges, or socially disadvantaged children, Kateřina felt the need to start offering her first individual sessions and group movement classes. From this experience comes Kateřina`s curiosity and passion for a very individual approach.

One of the most intense somatic journeys in Kateřina`s life is the physical experience of motherhood. The deep physicality of the process amazes Kateřina and drives her to work with women in this special time of their life. Beside somatic work with pregnant women and early mothers, she also facilitates women's circles.

For Kateřina, the essential background and fundamental source is her own practice of searching herself in movement. Moving alone, accompanying what is present. What she finds in her, what is alive, for she looks also in the outside. And one day she happened to walk the street in her neighborhood and saw the poster of a Limpid Works class in the window. This was five years ago and Somatic Dialogue has been resonating with her search ever since. This approach adds to those other sources from which comes Kateřina`s own method called Somatic Healing, and thanks to that incidental encounter Kateřina is proud to call herself a colleague of Berrak and Beliz.


Günes Çoban
Project Manager

Güneş comes from a Film and Tv production and cinematography background. Her experience over 10 years in that field gave her the opportunity to combine many different art forms, to work in different social environments and to meet and work with  interesting people and  lifestyles. 

Few years after she moved to Prague, she started working with Berrak Yedek and helping with giving the overall shape and feel to Limpid Works in the Prague art scene. In this Facilitators Program, she will be  planning, organizing and guiding. She'd be happy to answer all questions you might have and accompany you during the whole program. 
For more information about 
Güneş Çoban

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