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6.9.2023 - 10.12.2023


Online Classes
September 6 (Berrak, Kateřina, Beliz)

Principles of Facilitation Somatic Dialogue


September 7 (Berrak, Kateřina, Beliz)

Pedagogical visions of the instructors, and what Somatic Dialogue means to them, and how have they integrated it into their professional lives.


September 13 (Beliz, Berrak)

Holding and creating space for a client


September 14 (Berrak)

The practice of the starting “Prayers”


September 20 (Beliz, Berrak)

The attitude of the facilitator

Use of voice and how to speak


September 21 (Berrak)

Continuing the prayers (with new focus: staying slow and subtle…and challenging the patience…how long can I remain in my body during a prayer?)


September 27 (Beliz)

Introduction to Embodiment Theory


September 28 (Beliz, Berrak)

Continuing the prayers (with new focus:  the subtle body)


October 4 (Berrak)

Building Trust with a client

Managing emotions (you and your client’s)


October 5 (Beliz, Kateřina)

Beliz and Katerina talking about trust…going into the subtleties of the prayers.


October 18 (Berrak)

Practicing perception

Working with our sensations


October 19 (Berrak)

The center and the periphery


November 15 (Beliz, Berrak)

Developing listening skills: How do we listen to each other? How do we listen to ourselves? How do we listen to the action, to the body?


November 16 (Berrak)

Focusing on the inner space, the dialogue of the 3 centres and the spine… what do they communicate to me?


November 22 (Beliz)

Feeling the embodiment: going deeper into perceiving, recognising and trusting what we feel.


November 23 (Berrak)

Practice of the exercises from the workshop in more depth.


November 29th (Berrak)

Summary of all lessons and materials we have covered.


November 30 (Beliz, Kateřina, Berrak)

Final lesson and practice, Qs&As


Workshops (Limpid Works Studios, Donská 9, Praha 10)

Workshop I: October 13-14-15

13.10.2023: 16:00-20:00

14.10.2023: 10:00-18:30

15.10.2023: 10:00-18:30


Workshop II: December 8-9-10

8.12.2023: 16:00-20:00

9.12.2023: 10:00-18:30

10.12.2023: 10:00-18:30

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