Dear friends in Prague,

As you all know the country is in a State of Emergency from yesterday 14:00 onwards.

Some of you were present in the group session yesterday and heard my opinion on this.
However I have been going through the law and the recommendations, and after having counted the overall number of people that pass through and come and go to the Studio, I discovered it was more than 30.

I have decided to give a break to all activities during this state of emergency, and to respect the law. It would be irresponsible of our centre to do otherwise.

I am sorry that we will not have our sessions nor our workshops during this month. But I am staying available for you if you need to talk or exchange with me. And of course we can always have a Turkish coffee, Tea for Two, and a heart to heart chat.

We will stay in “touch” as always and all your sessions for Somatic Dialogue and registrations after April 12th will be valid. Or at least until further notice.

I wish you healthy days, take time to go inside, reduce, travel within, read, meditate and stay close to your loved ones.
I will do the same.

A warm hug and let the sun shine in your heart!