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Somatic Dialogue
Thursdays 18:00 - 19:15

Find the source of your authentic movement
This technique is a gentle and soft practice which enables better understanding of one’s own body and movement capacity. It uses mainly hands-on technique and principles of contemporary dance improvisation. Through the specific and clearly conducted principles of touch, the participants experience a deep connection with their own body. Through regular practice, the person can reach a high level of body control, self awareness, find a way to his/her authentic movements, learn efficient use of energy and the enjoyment of being connected to one’s own imagination through the movement conversation with the other.​
- During the course participants are invited to work in couples. According to the exercises participants change partners.
- Participants do not need to be dancers.
- This course has the aim to find a deep connection to one’s own movement, and not a form of dance.
- It aims to lead the way towards a source that makes us move from within.
- One of the main focuses is not on making movement, but through correct practice of movement enrich our emotions and physical sensations.
- The other focus is on sharpening and deepening the capacity of listening to the music and in resonance with it to one’s own body.
What to wear? Comfortable training clothes, preferably warm, and socks, as the work start slowly but finally reaches a high energy. It is advised to have layers in order to have the possibility to undress. Participants are invited not to have jewelry in order not to injure oneself, someone else or damage the jewelry.

Photo by Adam Fuchs.

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