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Contemporary Dance & Improvisation

Open Class

Thursdays 10:00 - 12:00

Open classes for dancers and actors
Class for dancers, actors and non-professionals with good level of dancing.
"After so many years working alone, I miss a space and time where we can explore and create movement in the presence of each other, and not worry about borders. Time for dancers and movers to meet, spend time together and work in peace. I happily propose a class so we can dance together, and go deeper into the qualities of being, and let behind all competition and judgement, because I simply enjoy transmitting my experiences, believing it will make us grow." Berrak Yedek
These group classes aim to transmit basic techniques of contemporary dance. It starts with a long improvisation part, where we explore all possibilities of the spine in connection with our limbs. The second part of the class is focused on exercises of contemporary dance techniques: strengthening of the centre, working on the connection between body parts, focusing on coordination and working with the gravity, on dynamics, turns, etc.. The final part is aimed at stretching of muscles and working on the meridians.
The content of the structure of this class will change according to the participants and their needs.
What to wear? Comfortable clothes, layers, as we will start on the floor and then the energy will rise. Socks if needed.
Regular lessons in 2018/2019: Thursdays 10:00 - 12:00*
PRICE: for participation: 200 CZK. Attention - for these lessons Limpid Card is not valid.
REGISTRATION: If you want to try one lesson, just come without registration (payment just in cash).
For private session with Berrak Yedek

Photos by Adam Fuchs.

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