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Somatic Dialogue Facilitators Program new training starts on September, 2023. You can download the program brochure here. We have a 'second call' for applications until April 1st, 2023.

This is an English-taught program.


Somatic Dialogue Facilitator Program


Somatic Dialogue is a method of body-work, which helps people to feel more connected with themselves. It uses dance improvisation and hands-on technique as the main tools of work.  Through guided and precise improvisations and exercises the facilitator guides and accompanies the participant(s) into the complex and rich inner landscape of the self in its various manifestations: physical, dynamic, sensational, emotional, sensual, subtle and poetic. 

This program is designed for professionals in the field of body work, dance and theater pedagogy, movement/dance and art therapy, dance, theater, movement research, choreography, physiotherapy, psychotherapy,  pilates and yoga, or anyone who is professionally working in bodily transmission/education. This course also welcomes trained and certified coaches and consultants who are seeking for more creative and physical skills, in order to add new qualities to their coaching methods. 


After completing the required hours of the program, participants receive a Certificate of Facilitation.


If you are wishing to start your professional path, or develop your practice in Somatic Dialogue work, then this program provides you with all the solid training that you need.  The objective is also to provide complementary training in somatic and movement work for professionals who are already teachers, healers, therapists, actors, coaches or instructors. 


The program consists of 5 Modules, starting in September 2023 and ending in April 2025 with approx. 506 hours of tuition/workshops/consultations/individual practice/research…


For more information feel free to download our program brochure, or take an appointment  with Berrak Yedek,  who will be happy to explain the Program to you.

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