Limpid Works is a center for body based holistic practises. 
I always have been dreaming about a space, limpid, not imposing, serene, where people can feel themselves… with no colours, where the people are the colours.
Being a dancer, I like to explore the body and the possibilities this body offers us through movement. I love to dance, to go deep into dance like a meditation, and I offer my experiences to all who wish to free themselves and come closer to the source within the body.
Berrak Yedek, Founder and Artistic Director
What is Limpid Works?

What we offer?

At Limpid Works, we offer you mainly a work on the body, movement and dance. All practices aim at connecting the body, the spirit and the emotions, together with your imagination and approach our life in a more unified way rather than in an analytical way.
Here you can improve your movement skills, enhance your creativity, work on your movement expression, learn how to dance in your own way, enjoy dancing and having fun, Find the time and space to heal, and discover the world of your somatic imagination, and find your authentic way of moving.

Who are we?


Berrak Yedek

Founder & Artistic Director

After long years of traveling  the world as a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher, Berrak created Limpid Works, where she daily teaches, dances and creates.  She dedicates herself to the space and people who are creating it. For more information about Berrak’s professional career you may visit her personal website.

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Berrak is also a choreographer and author of "Let Me Be", a danced ritual, performed by the outstanding Turkish dancer Beliz Demircioglu, and choreographed by Berrak Yedek. You can see this unique performance once every three months in the Kampa Theater, Prague (visit

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Güneş Çoban

Project Manager

Güneş organizes and arranges the regular classes, events and workshops. She helps with giving the overall shape and feel to Limpid Works in Prague art scene. She'd be happy to answer all questions you might have about Limpid Works.

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In Limpid Works, you can also find Healing Game  and Somatic Healing with their therapeutic works.
somatic healing - gentle, individual approach that allows to know and refine our personal world. We work in movement.
Limpid Works is in collaboration with Divadlo Kampa and Giving Voice.